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The festive season is just around the corner. And I always mess up my workout routine during this time. Like EVERY time.

Do you feel relatable to my situation? Is it also very easy for you to slip out of your workout routine during Christmas? Well, lucky for all of us I found out the perfect Christmas fitness tips that actually work!

After a lot of research on how to tackle this problem, I realized that big workout plans and goals never work. If you force your body to adopt a more intensive workout routine or just starve before Christmas then trust me you will get nowhere.

What you really gotta do is follow real, practical, and small steps. When you follow these 10 small tips together they culminate into a bigger success.

  • Eat before you leave for an event

Christmas Fitness

Christmas calls for a lot of dinners and gatherings be it with families, neighbors, friends, etc. So let’s start with these small events as they can make you consume way too many calories than planned. The trick here is to eat something little right before you leave. This way your mind and tummy will not be too tempted to over-eat or over-indulge as it will already be part full.

So you don’t have to starve yourself, or even keep a check on yourself, just have something like a zero calorie snack right before you leave and your body will take care of the less!

  • Scale down your workouts

Christmas Fitness

When you hear about the holidays, you probably feel that you will definitely miss some workout days and cut some other days even short. And in such situations, people usually adopt the ‘all or nothing’ approach. This means that you either do you 2 hours workout or if you don’t get the time you skip it altogether. And this may seem like a strategy to motivate you to complete the whole 2 hours, but trust me it will not!

Instead what you must do is cut yourself some slack and actually scale down your workout intensity/time. So if 2 hours, 3 days a week is not possible, try to make it to 20-minutes daily. In fact, I also follow this awesome 10-minute home workout guide when I feel too lazy or when I am busy and it has really helped me keep my strength building and weight loss in pace.

  • Start keeping track
Christmas Fitness

Alvond doesn’t believe in forcing one’s mind and body into a workout and fitness plan when it doesn’t feel like. And during the holidays no one feels like working out. So, one of the ways to naturally get you to feel a bit more motivated and responsible for your fitness is tracking it. Get yourself a nice pretty Christmas tracker diary (This is an Amazon affiliate link and it may help our blog get a part of your payment when you make this purchase, thank you for your support!), your favorite color pens, and start noting down your health achievements every day.

Writing your achievements will not only keep you motivated but it will also subconsciously make you realize either “wow I am making so much progress, I should keep this up and Christmas fitness will be a cake’s walk for me” or “Oops, I am slacking off, I should keep this up if I really want Christmas fitness to work”. It will make you more aware of your actions to make healthier decisions.

  • Always have breakfast

Christmas Fitness

I will never get tired of explaining to my friends, family, and readers that skipping meals is never a good fitness decision. Like NEVER. Trying to minimize portion sizes is acceptable, but if you truly want Christmas fitness to work, and you want to take small steps for large successful results, then you have to start eating breakfast every single day.

Your body was designed to eat breakfast after a well-rested sleep to get your mental and physical systems ready and running instead of slacking off and falling back asleep. Eating these yummy breakfast dishes daily will help you stay fuller and increase activity (by making you feel less lazy) throughout your holidays. This way you can stay fuller, reduce portion sizes for later meals, and burn more calories.

  • Drink with moderation

Christmas Fitness

Wine and dine is like my motto for the entire month of December. Christmas vibes in the air and some good old wine in my system, my P.J.s on and the fireplace on, oh my god doesn’t it sound like heaven? Well, heaven can also become a healthier place with a small step of moderated drinking. It can get difficult to drink with moderation, especially if you’re with a group of people.

So I have developed a few small strategies to help you with it:

  1. Drink only on days that are multiples of 3
    1. Drink only on alternate days
    1. Go with a drinking buddy who is very firm and assertive and make sure you ask them to help drink only 2-3 glasses maximum

These strategies are practical little steps that I have seen work for so many of my readers. It’s not at all practical to try and tell yourself that you cant have more than 1 glass. It won’t happen, it never works! But what you can do, is try something like drinking on days that are multiples of 3 or 4, etc. and that will definitely seem much more doable!

  • Remain active in smaller ways

Of course, you can’t be focusing on your workout plan when you have to decorate, cook, clean, invite, socialize, dress up, and do so much more on Christmas and days around it. So one of the most useful strategies to keep you active is to start sneaking in small exercises in between daily chores. Some easy examples to get you started would be:

  1. While you’re cooking, pick up 2 one-liter water bottles in each hand and do 20 squats, then cook, then do squats, and repeat till you wish.
    1. If you’re cleaning up your house, whenever you bend down to pick something or get dust from under furniture, stretch your arms up and then touch your toes down about 10 times; jog around your house trying to dust off dirt; keep a heavy weighted object in 1 arm for about 5 minutes and clean using your other arm and then reverse.

You don’t have to achieve some crazy high target of 50 or 100 squats even 2 rounds of 20 each is more than enough to make sure your muscles keep up a fitness pace in busy times.

  • Drink water – and a lot of it!

Water is an important part of your diet. The water fasting diet has actually become very popular for the reason that it absorbs minerals, glucose, vitamins, and amino acids and transports them to all parts of your body and brain.

During the festivities, there is a high chance you substitute your water with a drink or soda or hot chocolate and other liquids of that sort, but that’s not at all healthy as it can lead to building-up of a lot of toxins and waste in your body. So make you keep drinking water to flush out excess toxins, this way your body will feel more rejuvenated and active, thereby motivating you to do exercise.

This tip may seem like common sense but you’d be surprised to know how many readers sign up for our diet plan and then write to us about their daily diets and while studying those we realize that ‘water’ is an essential yet missing component.

  • Focus on ingredient swaps

Christmas cookies, Christmas cakes, Christmas gingerbread, and other delicious treats are completely impossible to stay away from. So I am not even going to try to ask you to stay away from them. But what you can do instead is try to make small food swaps.

With these cheap and easy Christmas recipes, you can try to understand a few swaps and move ahead with similar ones. So you don’t really need to give up Christmas brownies, but maybe substitute the flour and sugar with sweet potato and honey ones.

  • Do not skip meals

It can be super tempting to skip meals during the holidays as a way to cut down on calroies. Many people also try to binge eat one evening and then skip all meals the next day to make up for the binging, but scientifically too this is a completely failed method of getting fit or maintaining balance.

Other tips in this guide will help you understand how you can enjoy Christmas treats and still try to be fit and healthy. So make sure that go through those tips, they’re super easy to follow and keep up and will help you have all meals of the day and still maintain your Christmas fitness.

  1. Build a self-care routine

December is not only the season of holidays and festivities, but also coziness and relaxation. So I completely understand if you cannot keep up the motivation to workout and get active. Though all tips in this guide are a sure shot way of staying fit even during Christmas, some days may just not feel right.

In such situations, when you’re just lazing out on your couch, chose a self-care activity. Hit the brakes with the workout and just do some easy yoga poses, or meditate, or put a face mask, give yourself a mani-pedi, draw and doodle something, etc. There is no harm in feeling lazy and not wanting to work out, but when you change that lazy phase into a self-care phase then you can remind your body of the care and love that it deserves. This way there is an even higher chance you find true motivation to get back to working out!

The holidays are a fun time, and remember to treat them that way. These small 10 Christams fitness tips may seem too small but it is only after tons of research and testing that I can say they work,a nd they work WONDERS!

Christmas Fitness Tips That Actually Work
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