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“Healthy” and “Christmas” might seem like two bizarre words to put together. I am not against the Christmas goodies and celebrating the Christmas spirit with various delicacies, but having overly sugar-laden foods has never been proven to be good for anyone.

The Christmas spirit has taught me not only to be grateful for the people around me but also for my own body and self. It makes me realize that taking care of people around me is as important as taking care of my own health.

And so I curated these 8 healthy Christmas snacks that I swear by every holiday season. These have proven to be a great crowd-pleaser in the past for adults and kids both:

1. Nutty Carrot Flatbread

Vegetable-flavored flatbreads are really my favorite because they help me serve up healthy vegetables in a more attractive and appealing way. And these hearty, seed-packed, and nut-packed, gluten-free slices of flatbread are the perfect Christmas snack.

Filled with sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, and carrots, these Christmas savory snacks will just take 15 minutes of preparation and you’ll be all set with your Christmas party snacks!

Healthy Christmas Snacks
Image source – cookinglight

Get the recipe here!

2. Wholewheat Gingerbread Cookies

Holiday traditions are so close to my heart. And gingerbread cookies just remind me of all my Christmas memories with my family, friends, and loved ones. With delicious spices, aromatic flavours and whole wheat goodness, this Gingerbread cookie recipe is my go-to every Christmas and I bet its goodness, taste, and health factor will make you go gingerrazyy about these cookies too!

Healthy Christmas Snacks
Image source – superhealthykids

Get the recipe here!

3. Goat Cheese Dip and Veggie Chips

Who said Christmas snacks can only be sweet? This goat cheese dip with veggie chips recipe is an absolutely delicious and healthy snack recipe for Christmas. A healthy twist on the traditional queso fundido, with this recipe you can the cheesy cheese with the veggies in the form of chips.

So make sure you make Christmas healthy and delicious with this amazing crowd-pleaser.

Healthy Christmas Snacks
Image source – cookinglight

Definitely, don’t miss this recipe and check it out right away here!

4. Santa’s Snowballs

Small Christmas traditions are my favorite part of the grateful holidays. Every family, every couple, every little friend circle with their own small rituals and sentimental value just builds a wholesome bond between everyone. And snowballs are one of the most common yet unique Christmas traditions I see amongst kids and cousins around me.

And just with a few healthy yet delicious swaps, you can make healthy, no-bake snowballs for Christmas with this recipe! In fact, this recipe is so easy that your kids can make them easily even by themselves. 

Healthy Christmas Snacks
Image source – superhealthykids

Get the recipe here!

5. Healthy Ginger Cookies

Let’s make this Christmas healthier with these healthy Ginger cookies. When I tried these for Christmas and Thanksgiving breakfast with my family and friends they loved them and had no clue that these delicious cookies were made purely with healthy ingredients.

With basic and easy swaps with the regular sugar-packed ginger cookies, this recipe uses whole wheat pastry flour and coconut palm sugar. And the coconut palm sugar adds a flavor to this recipe that blends and matches the ginger flavor as two perfect puzzle pieces meant for each other!

Healthy Christmas Snacks
Image source – happyhealthymama

So get the recipe here!

6. Guilt-free Banana, Chocolate, And Hazelnut Dip

Whether there is a savory snack or a sweet snack on your Christmas table, a rich and light chocolaty dip pairs well with everything! But store-bought chocolate dips are full of fat, oil, and sugar. And we definitely don’t want to serve up such an unhealthy snack to our friends and family. So here is an amazingly healthy chocolate dip that you can make yourself in just 2-5 minutes.

This sweet dip will pair well with sandwiches or the snowballs, or brownies and cupcakes without contributing tons of calories!

Healthy Christmas Snacks
Image source – myrecipes

Get the recipe here!

7. Healthy Snowcup Popcorns

Popcorns are one of the lightest and tastiest snacks. This healthy snow cup popcorn recipe with the traditional red and green colors with Goji berries and pistachio nuts is the perfect Christmas snack recipe.

And Christmas is incomplete if you don’t have the red and green colors spread all over you. So this healthy Christmas recipe will take care of a delicious snack, healthy snack, and a colorful snack!

Healthy Christmas Snacks
Image source – mykidslickthebowl

So grab the recipe right away here!

8. Paleo Chocolate Chunk Shortbread Cookies

Cookies may not be your ideal choice for a healthy snack. But a little Christmas snack of cookies will do no harm! So here are chocolate chunk shortbread cookies that are paleo-friendly and can let you indulge without feeling guilty at all.

Healthy Christmas Snacks
Image source – thehealthyfoodie

So let’s dive right in with the recipe here!

Planning for Christmas is very exciting for me and I hope it’s for you too! I keep trying to make every Christmas snack more healthy and even tastier. In fact, healthy Christmases are almost like a small Christmas tradition for me. So be sure to check out each one of these 8 healthy Christmas snack recipes because they’re easy and perfect to take care of your body and health.

Also, let us know your personal favorite Christmas traditions in the comments!

8 Healthy Christmas Snacks To Definitely Watch Out!
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