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Are you bored of eating grilled chicken and veggies every night on your paleo diet? Or are you just getting started in your paleo diet journey? Well, whatever your reason may be these 7 quick and easy paleo breakfast recipes will make your paleo diet journey effective and worth it!

A common myth around the paleo diet is that it is highly restricted to high protein food and zero carb food. But a paleo diet is much more than that! These 7 recipes will help you realize that a paleo diet is about dumping processed foods and sugar-loaded dishes turning to more healthy and whole foods.

Check these recipes for giving your paleo diet the look of a fun, healthy, effective, and easy one!

These paleo breakfast recipes for the a.m., including all kinds of breakfast options from savory to sweet and refreshing to rich. So you can stop with the regular ‘bacon and eggs’ option for breakfast because these recipes are diverse, nutrition-rich, and energy-packed to help you kickstart your day.

1. Brussel Sprouts And Sweet Potato Hash

Image source – The Spruce Eats

A hash is a perfect solution to pizzazz up boring veggies. Make this recipe ahead of time or on the go, with a base of spiced and roasted Brussel sprouts, sweet potatoes hash, onions, bell peppers, and garlic. You can also customize this recipe with a topping of eggs or sausages or both to add more protein as per your appetite.

Find the recipe here – The Spruce Eats!

2. Pina Colada Protein Smoothies

Image source – Delish

It’s tough to say bye to smoothies and other dairy milkshakes when you start a paleo diet. But this pina colada protein smoothies recipe will bring back the smoothies element in your paleo diet. Filled with vitamin C from the fruit pineapple, fiber, and minerals from coconut milk, and protein from paleo protein powder, this paleo breakfast smoothie will energize your day right away!

Find the recipe here – Delish!

3. Paleo Strawberry Doughnuts

Image source – Against All Grain

A doughnut is the last thing you’d see on a paleo diet recipes list because of its association with high flour and sugariness. But we’re here to break this myth. We bring to you this recipe of strawberry paleo doughnuts. Made with coconut flour, you can easily customize and substitute the strawberries with any fruit and flavor of your choice.

Find the recipe here – Against All Grain!

4. Paleo Pancakes Coconut Flour

Image source – Ditch the wheat

Are you going pancake crazy this season, but your paleo diet won’t let you have paleo pancakes? You are in luck because we figured the best paleo pancakes recipe for breakfast. Using coconut flour, these pancakes are paleo-friendly, fluffy, and great to start your day with.

Find the recipe here – Ditch The Wheat!

5. Paleo Tacos

Image source –

This breakfast recipe of instant pot paleo tacos will add the perfect Mexican flavor to your paleo journey. Using an instant pot, these pork paleo tacos are great to start your day with an energized and flavorsome meal.

Get the recipe here –!

6. Paleo Burritos With Sweet Potato

Image source – Physical Kitchness

Looking for a savory paleo breakfast item that is quick, easy, and actually tasty? Your find ends here. These paleo burritos stuffed made with sweet potatoes and stuffed with shredded chicken, cauliflower rice, and customizations of your choice, get started right away!

Find the recipe here – Physical Kitchness!

7. Paleo Breakfast Casserole

Image source – Paleo Grubs

This paleo breakfast casserole is the perfect combination of balanced meatiness and veggies in a breakfast dish. Having the right amount of protein in your breakfast will ensure you remain energized and full until lunchtime. Whether you make this casserole out of last night’s leftovers or fresh ingredients, this paleo breakfast casserole in a cup can easily be your breakfast go-to.

Find the recipe here – Paleo Grubs!

7 Easy Paleo Breakfast Recipes
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