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Even with a plethora of workout options available today, yoga still reigns as one of the most efficient and trusted method of holistically toning one’s body. In this post, we have for you 6 easy yoga poses for belly fat loss.

These yoga poses are perfect for beginners and along with helping your burn belly fat, they will also help you eliminate various stomach-related issues such as constipation, indigestion and bloating.

Let’s begin!

1.Bow Pose

Although this yoga pose may look easy, it’s quite challenging for your abs, which is exactly what you need if you’re going to lose belly fat.

Start by lying down on the mat in the prone position, with your legs together and hand on either side of the body. While you exhale, bend your knees upward, lift your head, and bend backwards. Finally, bring your hands backward and hold your ankles with your hands.

Yoga tip: At first, you may only be able to hold this pose for a 15-20 seconds, but try to support your body weight with your abdomen and you’ll be able to eventually work your   way up to holding it for a minute.

2. Boat Pose

The boat pose will work the front and side muscles of your abdomen and will strengthen your core.

Lie down on the mat in the supine position with your legs stretched out, toes facing the ceiling, and palms resting on either side of your body. First, inhale deeply, then as you exhale, lift your head, chest, and legs from the mat.

Then, stretch out your arms and keep them parallel to each other, and right above your knees.

Yoga tip: Keep your gaze fixed at your toes and keep your fingers in the same line as your toes. Hold this pose till you feel your abdominal muscles contracting, ideally 30 to 60 seconds.

3. Standing Forward Bend

Apart from relaxing the abdomen and fixing major or minor abdominal issues, this pose also really good for the heart as it calms you down and relives anxiety.

Start by standing straight with your hands on either sides of your body, keep your feet together with the heels touching each other. Inhale deeply, and lift your hand upwards. As you exhale, bend forward while keeping your body parallel to the floor.

Inhale once more and as you exhale, bend forward completely and try to touch the floor without bending your knees.

Yoga tip: As a beginner, you can start by touching your toes or ankles and gradually work your way to touching the floor.

4. Wind Relieving Pose

Though this pose is often practiced to help alleviate gastric problems such as indigestion and constipation, it has some other benefits too. In this pose, your knees exert pressure on your stomach, and holding that pose for more than a minute triggers belly fat loss.

Start by lying down on your mat in the supine position with your feet stretched out and arms on either side of your body. Now, bend your knees and inhale deeply. As you exhale, slowly bring the bent knees toward your chest and apply pressure on your abdomen with your thighs.

Yoga tip: Once you are in this pose, exhale and touch your chin to your knees to contract your abdominal muscles even more.

5. Camel Pose

This pose is normally done to counter the boat pose. The backward stretch experienced in this pose will help you tone your abs.

Start by sitting in the diamond pose and lift your body from your knees such that you are sitting with your whole body weight supported by your knees. Exhale deeply, and arch your back. Bring your hands behind your back and try to hold your ankles one by one.

Yoga tip: Ensure that your heels are perpendicular to the floor and tilt your head backwards to experience a better stretch in your abdomen.

6. Raised Foot Pose

This yoga pose is a serious fat burner! It works your abdomen, hips, and thigh muscles simultaneously. It is one of the most effective ways to eliminate the fat that has accumulated around your waist.

Start by lying down on the mat in the supine position, stretch your legs out, keep your hand by your side, and heels touching each other. Push your chest slightly outwards so that your ears are in line with your shoulders.

Inhale deeply and raise your legs from the floor, making a 45-degree angle with the floor. Hold this pose for 30 seconds, exhale deeply and straighten your legs so that they make a 90-degree angle with the floor and hold the pose for 30 seconds.

Yoga tip: Breathe normally while you are holding the pose and do not move your hands from their initial position. Repeat this pose 10-20 times.

That was a simple but effective yoga routine to burn belly fat. You can repeat each pose as many times as you can comfortably do them. Let us know in the comments your thoughts about this simple yoga workout for belly fat loss.

If you’re just getting started with your yoga journey, I highly recommend investing in a yoga mat. Here’s the yoga mat I personally use and recommend!

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