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We all have our little Christmas traditions, some change, some remain constant, some are boring, and some are really fun! But one kind of tradition that I have found to be extremely fun yet rare is – healthy Christmas traditions.

So, this Christmas I urge you and your friends and family to take up a few of these healthy Christmas traditions. These will right away multiply the fun, gratitude, and cheerfulness in the Christmas spirit. In addition to being fun, these Christmas traditions are definitely worth it because they are so much more healthy and positive for your body’s well-being and fitness.

So this Christmas, along with being thankful for the people and things around you, show your body and mind how thankful you are for it with these 5 healthy Christmas traditions:

Play a Christmas workout game

A really simple and easy healthy tradition to start your way with is a Christmas workout game. Christmas workout games are simple and fun for both kids and adults. They usually range from about 15-20minutes of exercises and similar tasks.

Being in the holiday spirit mentally, and playing a Christmas workout game to exercise your body physically can really do wonders for your body. Happiness and exercise, together, will help strike a balance of hormones in your body. This balance will make you want to get fitter and feel happier.

A few examples for a Christmas workout game that you can start with are:

Healthy Christmas Traditions

2. Volunteer at a local service organization

If you actually want to de-clutter your mind from the commercial and materialistic Christmas spirit, then this healthy Christmas tradition was made for you. Volunteering at a nearby local store or non-profit can help you put the holiday spirit more in perspective.

It can refocus your mind on being grateful for what you have and using your privilege to help those in need. This Christmas tradition can, of course, change every year because one year you may want to run a 5k for a charitable cause, and the next you may want to host a dinner at an orphanage.

Healthy Christmas Traditions

A few suggestions to get you going are:

  1. Sorting goods at a local store
  2. Wrapping gifts for a non-profit
  3. Sponsoring meals for an orphanage/women rights organization/ trafficked humans’ organization/ old age home/ etc. for a week/fortnight/month, etc.
  4. Celebrating an orphan’s birthday by hosting and sponsoring the whole event
  5. Performing a cleanliness-drive in your neighborhood

But irrespective of the type of activity you choose, remember that this Christmas tradition is all about volunteering, connecting, and spreading cheer. So make sure you don’t do away with this special tradition with just a donation whether in cash/kind. Try to bond with the people and establish a human connection because this will truly help embody the Christmas spirit.

3. Let your kids try out a healthy recipe

If you don’t like to exercise and workout, then welcome to my club. But guess what? You can have a healthy Christmas tradition without exercise being the focus and food being the focus.

With easy and delicious healthy Christmas snack recipes you can easily make Christmas meals way more delicious and way more healthy.

Healthy Christmas Traditions

To really add to the fun you can ask your kids to take over the kitchen for some easy, simple, and healthy recipe. This way they will feel quite involved in the activity instead of being bored at the idea of healthy food. And another advantage to this Christmas tradition of letting your kids take charge is that they would feel proud and encouraged to try the healthy snack item instead of just another sugar-packed and calorie-loaded snack.

4. Run a fun run

Who said that to be healthy at Christmas you can only run 5ks for charity? If you have the will to be healthy, then just design a small and safe running map for yourself and your friends and/or family and go for it.

Healthy Christmas Traditions

Remember that this is your run! This means that you don’t have to force yourself to get up at 6:00 am if you’re not an early riser. So plan your fun run exactly on your terms and add it to your Christmas traditions list.

I bet it will even encourage you to carry the fitness spirit forward into the new year.

5. Declutter and donate

Healthy Christmas traditions don’t need to be all about exercise and running, they just need to help you find peace of mind and keep you away from binging on sugar-packed and calorie-loaded snacks.

So what better than making it a Christmas tradition to de-clutter your wardrobe every year?

Healthy Christmas Traditions

I started this tradition with my family 3 years back and honestly, it gets funnier and crazier every year. You get to think about what kind of spending decisions you made, you can make fun of some funky clothes of your family/friends’, you can get a little emotional with the clothes that have deep and fun memories attached to them, you can get ideas to even upcycle some clothes, and so so much more.

Definitely, give the ‘declutter and donate’ tradition a try and let us know in the comments what was the one fun revelation you discovered in the process?

The holiday season tends to get stressful for all of us. And stress is really not good for the body. So make sure that you add in a few of these Christmas traditions to take care of your body. These Christmas traditions will truly show your body that you care about it, and will encourage you to keep up with healthier steps as you enter the new year.

5 Healthy Christmas Traditions For A Fun And Healthy Christmas
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