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Now that Christmas is so close, I bet you are looking for a variety of Christmas cookies to binge eat and save for Santa. But these Christmas cookies can more often than not be the reason for a long guilt trip right at the beginning of the new year and excessive calorie counting!

So let me free you from that guilt trip and obsession with calories with these 10 healthy Christmas cookies recipes! Whether you want to go vegan, paleo, gluten-free, or just generally healthy – this recipe has got the perfect fit for you!

From hot chocolate cookies, to while chocolate ones, from biscotti to snowballs, from millionaire bars to thumbprints, you can find all kinds of Christmas cookies here and in such healthy versions that it’s hard to believe!

1. Choco-Peppermint Thumbprints

Chocolate and peppermint are a classic combination, so a Christmas dessert spread without choco-peppermint is incomplete. So check this recipe of choco-peppermint thumbprints with an amazing Tahini filling instead of the traditional heavy cream. The tahini flavor is also healthy and won’t overpower the chocolate flavor in a way nut butters can. So definitely go for this chocolate-peppermint thumbprint Christmas cookies recipe if you want a healthy chocolaty cookie with a dash of freshness.

Image source – Cookinglight

2. Almond Flour Crescent Cookies

This Christmas cookie recipe is definitely one of the tastiest healthy Christmas cookies because it’s gluten-free and vegan friendly! The traditional crescent cookies for Christmas are made using white flour and butter but that’s definitely not healthy for anyone. So here is a healthy option for you to make the traditional crescent cookies this Christmas. Try these low calorie and delicious almond flour crescents and you’ll not be able to stop eating!

Image source – Eatingbirdfood

3. Vegan Peanut Butter Cookies

If chocolate and almonds aren’t your cups of tea, I am sure peanut butter is your hero! These vegan peanut butter cookies are definitely the perfect fit for you this Christmas. This recipe will leave you with crumbly, salty, and sweet cookies that you will crave for! It’s extremely healthy not just because it’s vegan but also because it’s made with coconut oil and almond milk. So what are you waiting for? Get started with these vegan peanut butter Christmas cookies right away!

Image source – Acouplecooks

4. White Chocolate Cranberry Oatmeal Cookies

White chocolate and Christmas go hand in hand. So here is a healthy spin on the traditional white chocolate cranberry cookies! With loads of oats and whole wheat flour, these cookies are so chewy, gooey, and sweet, that pair them with a hot cup of coffee and your Christmas eve is set! Try these Christmas cookies with white chocolate and cranberry oatmeal this Christmas!

Image source – Fitfoodiefinds

5. Black-Bottomed Coconut Macaroons

Not a fan of traditional Christmas cookies? Well don’t worry, Alvond has got your back! Here are the perfect gluten-free, chocolate drizzled black-bottomed coconut macaroons. These coconut macaroons are perfect for your Christmas cookies’ spot because they are crunch on the outside and deliciously soft and ooey-chewy on the inside. For all my coconut loving friends ( and me because I absolutely love coconut desserts) this black-bottomed coconut macaroons recipe is a definite winner!

Image source – Bakerita

6. Raspberry-Rosemary Jam Bars

The thing about jam bars is that their sugar content is so unregulated and out of your own hands that it is more often than not extremely unhealthy for you and your friends/family. So the best and healthiest option without losing out on the traditional jam bars this Christmas is making your own jam! With fresh raspberries, this recipe will help you make your own jam so that you can control the level of sugar much better and not let the Christmas cookie be overly sweet and unhealthy. The rosemary will definitely add an unexpected yet lovely twist, making these healthy raspberry-rosemary jam bars a total crowd pleaser!

Image source – Cookinglight

7. Snowball Cookies

With just 6 ingredients, this is the easiest healthy Christmas cookie recipe that you can find! If we’re anything similar then I know that you prefer ease and simplicity in cooking over long hours of prep and fancy food with high chances of going wrong! And so this Christmas cookies recipe of snowball cookies will definitely make a special place in your heart like it did in mine! They will melt in your mouth making you want to binge in on them…and guess what these snowball cookies are so healthy that you can absolutely binge on them!

Image source – Eatingbirdfood

8. Pecan Butter Millionaire Bars

Healthy Christmas cookies can definitely sound boring! But what if you can have millionaire bars that are healthy? The special thing about millionaire bars is that the layers in them make them look so much more delicious, appetizing, and mouth-watering. So here is a perfect Christmas cookie recipe for a vegan millionaire bar with layers of shortbread, caramelized maple pecans, and chocolate. The shortbread is a healthy and super delicious variant; the caramel layer is replaced by healthy caramelized and nutrient-rich pecans; the dash of chocolate makes the pecan butter millionaire bars a heavenly healthy Christmas dessert!

Image source – Acouplecooks 

9. Hot Cocoa Cookies

These healthy hot cocoa cookies are exactly that kind of recipe that tastes awesomely delicious and unhealthy, but is secretly healthy! Made with almond butter, cocoa powder, and coconut sugar, these hot cocoa cookies are paleo and gluten-free. It’s the definition of comfort Christmas food while being healthy!

Image source – Fitfoodiefinds

10. White Chocolate Peppermint Biscotti

Biscotti are the cookies made for all-day holiday eating! And these white chocolate peppermint biscotti are just what you need for Christmas because chocolate and peppermint are a classic combo that you cannot miss on Christmas. And while everyone focuses on milk chocolate and peppermint cookies, I know that all white chocolate lovers out there miss out on a white chocolate peppermint combo! So here is a great recipe for healthy white chocolate peppermint biscotti which begin as a crunch, and soon melt in your mouth! I love to have these white chocolate peppermint biscotti with hot chocolate as my Christmas breakfast every year, so I urge you to try it for your Christmas breakfast and let me know how it went!

Image source – Foodfaithfitness

Our Christmas cookie department has worked long weekends to get you these scrumptiously delicious cookie recipes with healthy twists! These cookie recipes have helped me move into my new year more guilt-free and more proud of my fitness journey every year. So I am sure it’ll make your dream of guilt-free Christmas cookies true!

We are also all decked up to make Christmas healthy, eco-friendly, and sustainable in our Christmas blogs section!

10 Healthy Christmas Cookies Recipes
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