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Christmas is the most magical time of the year, but unfortunately, it is also the time when we produce the most waste. Everything that use during the holiday season from gifts, to treats and Christmas decor, has an enormous environmental impact. 

It got me thinking, and I realized that if we could all try to minimize waste during Christmas, even just a little bit, it would go a long way in protecting our planet. 

What most people don’t even realize is that a green Christmas is not some far-fetched reality. It is something that, with a little bit of effort, each one of us could strive for. 

Here are 10 sustainable Christmas décor ideas to help you take your first step towards an eco-friendly Christmas.

1) Snowy Pine Cone Candle Jars

Want your Christmas candles to look like they have been covered with freshly fallen snow? These pretty luminaries will do the job. They’re the perfect way to light up your holiday table, decorate your mantle, and invite Christmas into your home. 

Here’s how you can make them.

2) DIY Pallet Tree

Once completed, this DIY pallet tree will look so gorgeous that you won’t have any trouble choosing between this driftwood tree and a real Christmas. The best part? There’s no cutting or gluing involved. Before you get decorating, all you need is some optional paint and a few nails.  

Instructions to make this DIY Christmas tree can be found here.

3) Edible Herb Wreath

For all you foodies out there, this fragrant Christmas decor wreath can be easily made from the things you find in your herb garden, and it’ll look perfect hanging in your kitchen. Weave together the magnificent fragrances of lavender, rosemary, and other herbs. 

If you want to add a splash of color and texture, just add some red chilies and garlic bulbs. 

Here’s how you fashion some herbs into a beautiful Christmas wreath.

4) Soda Can Tab Bauble

Finally, a use for the ring-pulls that come on soda cans to help you add some style to your home. But you shouldn’t start drinking a ton of soda to make these Christmas décor baubles. Start collecting ring-pulls right from the beginning of the year or ask a convenience store if they have any. 

 Check out the instructions to make these here

5) Pine Cone Reindeer 

Here’s something your kids are going to absolutely love! These pre-school crafts inspired pine cone reindeer will subtly complement the whole Christmas vibe that you’ve got going on in your house. Add a red nose, some eyes, and a ribbon on your reindeer to make it come to life. 

Here is a tutorial to make them.

6) Cinnamon Orange Garland

Will it really feel like Christmas without a festive garland adorning your mantel? If you’re looking for a beautiful garland that both looks amazing and smells great, this cinnamon orange garland is going to come out on top every single time.

Freshly made apple cinnamon dough strung together with orange slices makes for a delicious hanging Christmas décor idea.

Recipe and instructions can be found here.

7) Cranberry Candle Float

Here’s how you can decorate your centerpiece this holiday season and make it Christmas-like. Not only does this cranberry candle float take mere minutes to whip up, but it is sure to impress any guest that visits your place.

Add some fresh cranberries to a bowl of water, place some floating candles on top, and voila, you’re done!   

Here’s a tutorial on how to make it.

8) Edible Gingerbread Terrariums

I am totally obsessed with mason jars, and this is the cutest way to make them Christmassy. Not only are these eco-friendly and festive, but they’re also edible! They’re a zero-waste ornament, which means you can eat them afterward.

These gingerbread terrariums would look stunning on your kitchen table, and your kids will love them too.

Check out the recipe here.

9) Recycled Paper Christmas Decorations

Jazz up a corner of your house with these hanging Christmas baubles that are made with recycled paper. They’re incredibly easy to make, and you can choose pages from old books, cardboard scraps, or wrapping paper to customize the design and match your style.

Here’s a simple tutorial on how to make them.

10) Rustic Twig Candle Holders

When it comes to setting the mood during the holiday season, lighting is everything. And bringing nature into your house to help you with lighting makes it extra special. The twinkling candlelight from this twig candle holder will add a magical touch to your home. You can also dress them up with some pretty ribbons.

Check out this video that shows you how to make these candle holders perfectly.

That’s all, folks. If you liked this article about sustainable Christmas decor ideas, I’m sure you’ll love our list of 10 Christmas cakes to make the holidays special. 

10 Eco-friendly Christmas Decor Ideas You Need To Know
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